VJU Undergraduate Admissions 2021
are now open!

Admission in May, June and July
Open ceremony in September 2021.



offers Vietnamese and international graduate students opportunities to study and experience in standardized academic environment inherited from Japanese style with prestigious professors from Vietnam and Japan, multicultural environment for academic activities, open seminars, field trip, tutoring, Japanese and soft-skill courses, internship in Japanese, library and laboratories.


Educational philosophy of the university is to transmitting new values to the world

Respecting the cultural identity of learners

Contemporary and Internationality

Experiencing Japan standardized education in Vietnam

Nurturing foreign languages capacity

Modern teaching methods

Practical knowledge

Opportunities to study in Japan



Learners are provided with a comprehensive training program on Japanese studies, Social sciences, Natural sciences. Academic environment encourages students to self-study, research and develop their own abilities to adapt to the changes of society in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.



Learners are provided with a wide range of skills and knowledge needed for systematic Computer Science and Engineering studies of the basics and applications of respective fields of software, hardware, artificial intelligence based data analysis; fostered their creativity and ability to develop and find applications of those technologies for sustainable development of human kind.


1 Working in domestic and foreign enterprises such as interpreters, legal staffs, sales staff…

2 Becoming a lecturer in Japanese Studies or Japanese language at universities, colleges, and vocational high schools.

3 Becoming a reporter, editor of news and political commentator at newspapers, central and local stations such as central and local television and radio stations, press agencies, news agencies or Departments of Culture , Department of Science – Technology.

4 Working in consultancy and advisory related to Japan at planning and implementing agencies.

5 Working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese Embassy located in Vietnam, Vietnam Embassy based in Japan, international organizations in Vietnam such as Japan Foundation, Jasso…

6 Pursuing a Master’s or PhD’s degree at universities in Vietnam, Japan and other countries around the world.

Prof. Furuta Motoo



“We call for the youth who possess high motivation and ambitious dreams to join VJU and together build an outstanding university in Vietnam, as a standard model for both Vietnam and Japan!”.


Admission capacity: 50 students / course

Admission method:

1. Admission is based on transcripts and interview

2. Admission by other methods:

  • Admission for international language certificates (English, Japanese) and results of 02 subject groups in National High school exams.
  • Admission for exam results in the standardized SAT.
  • Admission for A-Level certificates.
  • Direct admission for students from gifted high schools.
  • Direct admission to students from international contests or achieving national prizes.
  • Admission based on National High school graduation exam results.
  • Tuition fee: 58,000,000 VND/year for 4 years of study
  • Scholarships: Diverse financial sources from tuition fees, enterprises and individual which ensure at lease 25% of the students can receive scholarships covering full tuition fees with study cost support, full tuition fees and half tuition fees.
  • Admission for international language certificates (IELTS, TOEFL, JLPT) and results of Mathematics and Literature in the National High school exams.
  • Admission for exam results in the standardized SAT, ACT.
  • Admission for A-Level certificate.
  • Direct admission for students from gifted high schools.
  • Direct admission to students from international contests or achieving national prizes.
  • VNU aptitude test 2021 results 

⇒ Deadline of receiving application packages: 20 July, 2021

  • Admission based on National High school graduation exam results.

⇒ According to the current schedule of MOET

  • Admission based on Interview and High school records screening (April, May, June, July, 2021) 

Open to the third interview of B. Computer Science and Engineering by 21 July 2021, Interview on 24 July 2021

Programs are taught mainly in Vietnamese, please refer to this page in Vietnamese version 

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