VJU Admissions 2020
are now open!

Admission in June, August & September.
Open ceremony in October 2020.



offers Vietnamese and international graduate students opportunities to study and experience in standardized academic environment inherited from Japanese style with prestigious professors from Vietnam and Japan, multicultural environment for academic activities, open seminars, field trip, tutoring, Japanese and soft-skill courses, internship in Japanese, library and laboratories.


In 2020, Vietnam Japan University – Vietnam National University Hanoi offers 8 master’s programs

1 International and Innovative Environment

  • Top notch high-quality programs based on the curricula of Japanese leading universities.
  • Studying and working in an international academic environment.
  • Interdisciplinary and multiple disciplinary innovative thinking with an aim for sustainable development and excellent skills for international integration.
  • A thorough understanding of Japanese and corporate governance and culture.

2 Scholarships & Financial aids

  • 70% training cost of students will be subsidized by Japanese and Vietnamese Governments.
  • 58 Tuition subsidy scholarships from Japanese Governments (through JAIF), enterprises and individuals.
  • About 80 Internship scholarships with duration from 1 – 4 months in Japan.
  • 11 full scholarships cover tuition fee, allowance, internship in Japan, etc. for international students from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Partnership with leading universities in Japan

Vietnam Japan University cooperates with leading Japanese universities in training and researching to provide students a comprehensive learning environment and development opportunities:
  • Osaka University
  • University of Tsukuba
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Yokohama National University
  • Ritsumeikan University
  • Waseda University
  • Ibaraki University

Prof. Furuta Motoo



“We call for the youth who possess high motivation and ambitious dreams to join VJU and together build an outstanding university in Vietnam, as a standard model for both Vietnam and Japan”.


Application documents can be submitted directly at the Admission Office or by post.

No. Master’s programs Admission mode Admission quotas
Public Policy
Document screening + Interview
Document screening + Interview
Area Studies
Document screening + Interview
Infrastructure Engineering
Document screening + Interview
Environmental Engineering
Document screening + Interview
Business Administration
Document screening + Interview
Climate change & Development
Document screening + Interview
Global Leadership
Document screening + Interview

The second and the third admissions are open to all countries

No. Content 1st Admission 2nd Admission 3rd Admission Back-up
(tentative) **
Receive applications
merged into the 2nd and 3rd admissions
09 June - 23 June 2020
(depending on programs)
17 August 2020
17 September 2020
Interview candidates **
14 June – 29 June 2020
29 August – 06 September 2020
26 September – 04 October 2020
Announce the results of interview
Before 15 July 2020
Before 15 September 2020
Before 15 October 2020
Organize supplementary knowledge courses
September and October 2020
Opening Ceremony
October 2020
* Cupdate until 27 March 2020
** Interview date is depending on programs
*** Applicants from countries other than Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar are encouraged to apply in the 2nd or 3rd admission, taking into account the visa processing period. Only special cases will be considered for the back‐up admission.


Application fee
500.000 VND


Enrollment fee
1.800.000 VND
Tuition fee
92.000.000 VND (Vietnamese students)
110.000.000 VND (foreign students)


Application fee payment could be made by one of the following modes:

a) Bank transfer to the following account

Bank name:

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam

Transfer description

Follow the syntax:

(Full name of the applicant) paid for the application fee for (Name of the applied master’s program according to the below acronyms)

Master Program in Public Policy: MPP

Master Program in Nanotechnology: MNT

Master Program in Infrastructure Engineering: MIE

Master Program in Environmental Engineering: MEE

Master Program in Area Studies: MAS

Master Program in Business Administration: MBA

Master Program in Climate Change and Development: MCCD

Master Program in Global Leadership: MGL

Example: Pham Chau Giang paid for the application fee for MEE

Branch name:

My Dinh Branch

Account number:

2601 0000 816336

Account name:

Vietnam – Japan University





Amount to be transferred:

VND 500,000

b) In cash at the Admission Office during the office hours.


– The admission fee does not include travel, meals and accommodation expenses during the stay for the entrance examination.

– Application fees are non-refundable in any cases


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